Why your clinic should partner with dermaviduals

by | 18 August 2020

Derma Aesthetics is celebrating a decade in business this year. Co-Founders, Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio reflect…with Professional Beauty.

Tell us about when you introduced dermaviduals & Corneotherapy to Australia

Simone: We’ve always done things our way and have never wavered with our standards or values, no matter what might be considered the next fad or trend within the industry.  When we first introduced dermaviduals and the skin treatment philosophy of Corneotherapy to the Australian and New Zealand market, we were basically laughed at.  After all, peeling and microdermabrasion was seen as the only way to achieve fresh, glowing skin! No one was particularly interested in preserving the epidermis.  Certainly, there was little concern for product ingredients and whether any might actually be influencing cells and systems in a negative way.

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