Winter-proof Your Skin!

by | 13 July 2020

Our very own and beautifully knowledgeable ‘Business Development Managers’ / Corneotherapists were asked to share their expertise and incredible knowledge of SKIN | and how we should winter-proof our skin.

Jess Ford: WHAT IS WINTER SKIN? How do we know we have ‘WINTER SKIN’?

During winter we can face some incredible harsh weather conditions that can strip the skins natural protective barrier. Our skin can look and feel dry, irritated, inflamed, tight, and have an overall dull appearance. Environmental factors, such as humidity, wind, central heating, and temperature can have a huge impact on the deficiency of proteins and lipids within the skin which can have an effect on the amount of water and oil retained. Due to this happening, we can see this all over the body, not just the face…….



GOSIA GOLJAN: What actions/procedures do you recommend (before the ‘winter chill and cold dry air’ hits), to do to our skin to help prepare our skin for Winter?

To maintain healthy skin in winter good prep is a must! When temperature drops below 8 degrees, our sebaceous glands slow down sebum production. Lack of sebum /oil weakens skin barrier.  To stop skin from drying out we need strong barrier. During winter months we spend more time inside where use of heating can have negative impact on the skin as well. It’s important to adjust your home care – seasonally as prevention can be more effective than trying to fix the skin later.

  1. Invest in good Essential Fatty Acids – Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega are my favourite
  2. Add lotion N to your routine – contains both omega 3 and 6 and supports repair of skin barrier
  3. Add extra lipids to your customised moisturiser. Jojoba oil or avocado oil are my favourite

Jojoba is sebum identical. a non-comedogenic waxy ester that contains a small amount of vitamin E and C. It has the ability to slow down TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss).

Avocado oils is extremely rich in phytosterols and Vitamins A and E. This oil, supports skin barrier regeneration and protection.

  1. Look after your whole body – not just your face. Take a nice relaxing bath with Tenfione Semisomal Bath or use Tenfione spray to keep your skin hydrated, then use our dermaviduals body lotion or massage oil
  2. Use Oleogel Plus at night or when outdoor especially if you are going skiing. Cover your face before stepping out!
  3. Keep dermaviduals Lip Balm in your handbag. Cooler temperature and wind take moisture away from your skin. Try not to lick your lips too often



Jess Goodman: What T I P S do you have as a Skin Expert in keeping on top of the issues and occurrences that may come about with our skin in Winter?

A consultation will always be key, even for existing clients, no matter if you’ve used dermaviduals for years or weeks. Changes in our skin can occur due to changes in season, increase in heating, decrease in water intake, extremes from hot to cold. These all have a part to play in how our skin reacts. And each skin reacts differently.

During the cooler months, we are exposed to low humidity as well as windy environments, which can accelerate water loss through our skin. Investing in a humidifier can work wonders by adding moisture to the air, preventing dryness from occurring. Don’t sleep with the heater on, add some bed socks, a woolen underlay and flannel sheets instead.

Try to either keep up with or increase your water intake. It is harder through winter as its cold, so, warm it up! Have herbal teas, warm lemon water, whatever takes your fancy, just keep your hydration levels up! Your cells need it!

Change up your prescription. Oh, the beauty of having a customisable range is we can change your prescription just for you. Need a richer cleanser, alright! Need more omega’s in your serum, ok! Need a bit more oil in your moisturiser, sure thing! Need a different facial treatment this week compared to last week, not a problem. We can adjust and adapt with you.



Rebecca Maynard: Figuring out how to keep skin moisturised in the winter can be confusing. Should you change your diet? Drink more water? Or change your products up especially for winter?

All of the above! Increasing EFAs in your diet is great during winter as well as drinking more water. You really should be focusing on these all year round. I love adding oils into our bespoke moisturisers in winter. I always feel like I need some extra nourishment during winter. I also have a fireplace at home and really notice how this can effect my skin so I make sure I am applying my Oleogel plus to protect my skin and also using my EPI nouvelle at least once a week!



Brooke Mojet: What is your top pic of a ‘dermaviduals’ product to have on hand during the winter months, and why and how do you suggest we use it to its fullest potential?

My favourite dermaviduals product during winter is without a doubt Oleogel plus! It is our only dip in product due to being a water-free formula and it literally just melts into your skin. Oleogel plus is high in plant-derived lipids making it super nourishing. It contains triglycerides, avocado oil, jojoba esters, mimosa and sunflower wax. I always have an Oleogel plus (and lip balm) on my bedside table and apply them both before sleeping. I use Oleogel plus on my face, elbows, and hands before applying lip balm. Oleogel plus protects against environmental damage, calms redness, prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and can be used on extremely lipid dry skins. I have also found that it works really well to remove mascara and eye make-up, plus sometimes I put it in the ends of my hair which feels amazing. It is an absolute must during winter and for those that need some extra love and protection!



Beth CharltonIs this a true statement? “Our stratum corneum ‘shield’ starts to dry out, opening up the skin’s natural barrier” – and can you briefly explain why and how we minimise the damage to our Stratum Corneum in winter?

Absolutely a true statement! When we experience a drop-in temperature ( this happens very quickly down south) we have a rapid decrease in air humidity. This will speed up TEWL ( water loss from the skin layers) leaving the skin dry, dehydrated and can lead to skin aggravation. Another factor that can contribute to this is artificial heating during winter! The first step in addressing this issue is by adding lipids (oils) into our skin prescriptions through our serums, creams, or by adding prescribed Oleogel into our routine. Lipids will assist in locking in our skins own Natural Moisturising Factor (Barriers water store) and slowing down TEWL from the skin. The second step would be to introduce ingredients that will feed into and support our skin barrier’s NMF with ingredients called humectants. Hyaluronic acid, Natural Moisturising Factor, Laminaria Digitata, Aloe Vera, Lotion M, and Face Tonic are just some of the delicious ingredients/ products that we could work into a skin prescription. Of course, your skin practitioner will work with you to determine the ingredients that will best work with your skin type and condition.


(Skin Images from Observ: Balgownie Beauty)


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