Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

by | 19 November 2020

NOVEMBER 19TH each year!

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a day on which the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, held on the nineteenth of November of each year.

Meet the founding owners of our business – two very real Entrepreneurs; Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio; our Co-Directors of derma aesthetics Australasia. Both Reika and Simone possess very different skill sets that this distributorship required to be as successful as it is today.

Simone’s background in the aesthetics industry and owning two salons (both start ups), along with her passion for marketing, design, skin anatomy and physiology, chemistry, light based treatments and most importantly wanting to impart that knowledge to others, coupled with Reika’s expertise in accounting, marketing, wholesaling, distribution, finance and also business start ups, was so complimentary; so Simone and Reika were the perfect duo.

Two heads are better than one for sure and it was a collective approach from the beginning. From the dining room table and a bank account of $3000, many a plan was hatched as to how they could build the brand of dermaviduals and add value for their clients. Fast forward 10 years and together they have over time developed and trained a team of specialists to deliver and add value and shape derma aesthetics into the market leader that it is today, supporting some 400+ dermaviduals partners (stockists).

Today the company is built on approx 25 dedicated and passionate women (with a beautiful token male Educator amongst our female dominant team), who eat and breathe everything SKIN. We are diverse and progressive, it hasn’t taken Covid-19 to set us up with all things technical. We’ve been ahead of our game for some time; you’ll usually find us on zoom, as our committed team spans over 12 locations in Australia and New Zealand and it works! We have a flexible work environment which is well supported and we are family, and we are friends.

Our Directors, Reika and Simone, are passionate about all they do and work hard to to empower, celebrate, and support women in our business and the Skincare and Beauty Industry as a whole 💙💙