Young Skin Logic is our Clinic of the Month for April 2016!

by | 1 April 2016

Young Skin Logic is a home-based clinic in the hilltops region of Young, NSW. Young is situated in the Canberra region, it is renowned for glorious undulating countryside, fresh produce, pick your own orchards, Hilltops Wines, fascinating pioneering history, and for being known as the Cherry capital of Australia! Owner, Tanya, is a sole trader with 2 visiting contractors, Stacey Rolfe, a cosmetic tattooist & Libby Hanlon, a registered nurse & IPL operator in clinic regularly. Tanya chatted to dermaviduals about her love for her job and her community. “My passion is skincare; I love educating my clients to give them the tools & knowledge to have the healthiest skin. I’ve been practising beauty therapy for 30 years. I am a people person & I love my local community. I am an active member of the Young Theatre Company and enjoy volunteering for Look Good Feel Better & Meals on Wheels. I feel very honoured to have been asked to be clinic of the month for April (it was a big surprise!). After reading & listening to podcasts of other skin therapists, I feel a little in awe! I do know I have much to offer my clients and the continued results I am seeing is proof in itself. Thank you dermaviduals for partnering with me!”.


Young Skin Logic_Tanya


Many things keep me inspired professionally, when I attend educational sessions I’m inspired, everything from my peers & mentors to volunteering and even communicating with other business people, keep me motivated. My work is equally inspiring, especially when you have clients that need help with their skin, you can change things for them to improve their skin & that certainly is a plus! It really inspires me when you gain the clients’ trust & respect, and when they then tell their friends & family about you, There is nothing better than the spoken word!”


What do you value the most in your business? “My clients! They are the integral part of every business; I value their loyalty, friendship and trust in me. I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for the loyalty of my clients. I also value the dermaviduals product, without it I wouldn’t be achieving the results I am getting.”


dermaviduals has been a lifeline for me. For all of my beauty therapy life, I have been frustrated. Now looking back it was because I was lacking education and answers to the skincare problems that arise every day. Now, armed with much more knowledge, an amazing product and continued education, the frustration has nearly gone (the only frustration left is when clients are not always compliant!). To all of you reading this – old dogs can learn new tricks! (a little slower to learn, but you do get there in the end!).”


What is your favourite dermaviduals product and why? “I don’t have one favourite, I have many. I amaze at many of the products and how they work on the skin. Liposome Concentrate Plus is the product that I use and sell the most of. The results after continued use can be quite astounding, especially on acneic skin. The decreasing of the follicle size, comedones disappearing, skin colour correcting, and the benefits just go on & on! But when you see it happening from week to week, it’s such a thrill – for the customer & me!”


My number one skin care tip is to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start!) with correct cleansing. I like my clients to cleanse their skin at the basin, with a clean face washer and appropriate cleanser. Cleansing is something that can be a ritual (just as cleaning the teeth should be!). I know this is a very basic tip, but it often seems to be the crux of many people’s problems.”


New products and equipment enter the beauty industry almost daily. How do you keep up with this and how do you determine what is hype and what is genuine? “I never rush into anything nowadays, I like to sit back read, listen and ask a lot of questions. I’ve been caught in the past, especially with different products. This old dog now has a little more common sense! Best not to get caught up in the hype of things, research is essential!”


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