Your Winter Skin Sorted

by | 18 June 2021

This month at participating dermaviduals clinics, purchase a Vitamin Cream Mask 50ml and receive a FREE Süüsmoon Lotion N 30ml! We absolutely love this combo as the weather cools down as it provides your skin with extra essential fatty acids and vital antioxidants.

Winter skin often feels dry as your skin’s sebaceous glands dramatically slow down its production of sebum (oil) and can sometimes stop producing completely when temps drop below 8 degrees. A lack of sebum weakens your skin barrier. A weak barrier means its ability to protect and prevent your skin from drying out is ineffective. Winter challenges the skin more than any other season, so it’s essential to give it extra care & attention over the next few months.

One of our must-have winter products is our Süüsmoon Lotion N because it is jam-packed with restorative lipids and essential fatty acids which will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, protected, and healthy! Süüsmoon Lotion N contains nature-identical vegetable oils encapsulated in nanoparticles. Dry or barrier-disordered skin requires a high oil content to restore its natural balance and Süüsmoon Lotion N is perfect to help regenerate your natural skin barrier and support the prevention of dry skin.

Did you know… the nanoparticles we utilise consist of natural phosphatidylcholine which is also found in the human cell membrane and contains large quantities of linoleic acid (Vitamin F). The human organism and the skin need linoleic acid, which the human body is unable to synthesise.

Why you’ll love our Süüsmoon Lotion N:

  • Regeneration for lipid dry skin
  • Nourishing spritz for the whole body (which is perfect for after the bath/shower)
  • Feels like water, looks like milk – sinks into the skin without leaving an oily film
  • Softening & smoothing
  • Supports repair of the skin barrier
  • Prevention of cornification disorders
  • Contains both omega 3 + 6

Our leave-on Vitamin Cream Mask is perfect to provide your skin with essential antioxidants, whilst strengthening your skin barrier. The mask acts as a prophylactic against vitamin deficiency symptoms of the skin.

This mask contains a very effective combination of Vitamins A, C, E and Provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) together with our famous DMS, as well as Vitamin F in the form of liposomes and nanoparticles. The effects of this mask are still measurable in your skin after 72 hours – it really is the mask that keeps on giving! Its physiological composition that repairs, replenishes and regenerates the first three lines of skin barrier defence make it a year-round fan favourite in many bathrooms, but as our skins can become compromised in the cooler weather, it becomes a non-negotiable! The Vitamin Cream Mask is also excellent for bi-layer realignment (supports the skin’s membrane structure) and the plethora of antioxidants for neutralise pesky free radicals.

Why you need this mask in your life (and on your skin!):

  • Rebalances all skin types
  • Restores hydration
  • Nourishes environmentally damaged skin with a combination of powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers
  • Revitalising, smoothing and regenerating
  • Younger skins can use as a daily moisturiser
  • Perfect care for décolleté, neck and hands
  • Prevents vitamin deficiency syndromes in skin
  • Intensive skin care which is still measurable after 3 days
  • Synergy of antioxidants that aid in cell regeneration, cellular repairs, while encourages collagen/elastin formation

Take advantage of this offer at participating dermaviduals clinics. And, if you haven’t had a skin analysis recently, now is the perfect time to check in with your professional dermaviduals consultant to make sure your skincare is working as hard as it can for you!