Clinic of the Month –  Orchard Skin & Beauty

by | 1 February 2024

It is our pleasure to introduce February’s ‘Clinic of the Month’ Orchard Skin & Beauty. Located in Invercargill, New Zealand.


Tell us about Orchard Skin & Beauty. What makes your clinic unique?

Orchard Skin & Beauty is a space created for clients to feel cared for and welcome. With a focus on science-based, bespoke skincare and tailored beauty treatments we take pride in making people feel valued.

Our pride and joy are the dermaviduals custom blends, a game-changer that allows us to create products tailored precisely to clients’ needs. It’s not about pushing for the sale, it’s about understanding our clients and crafting solutions that make them glow inside and out.


Could you share the story behind the establishment of Orchard Skin & Beauty?

Orchard Skin & Beauty started out with a love for customer relationships and having a space to offer the best services possible. By opening her own clinic, Natalie was able to look after the clients in the way that she wanted to, not bound by rushing clients through and trying to be the most efficient rather than focusing on being the most effective. The clinic has become a real sanctuary for clients to walk through the door and take a deep breath knowing they are in a warm, customer-centric environment where they are in good hands.

Here’s a fun fact, Orchard is Natalie’s maiden name, and it just so happened to fit perfectly as the name for her clinic too!

How do you ensure a personalised and positive experience for your clients?

Natalie puts a huge emphasis on being there for her clients and listening, understanding, and adapting to what they need. Seeking out skin and beauty treatments is really an intimate thing for clients, especially those struggling with the likes of adult acne, menopausal skin, or skin conditions that affect their confidence. Orchard Skin & Beauty is all about breaking the stigma of talking about these issues and letting clients know that there are options for them.

Can you share any memorable client success stories?

One of our clients achieved incredible results using the dermaviduals Essential Cleansing Cloth paired with tepid water and dermaviduals powerhouse EGCG Liposomes serum, in just one week. The improvement in her skin, and importantly, her skin barrier, was nothing short of WOW-worthy!

What are your top 3 dermaviduals products you simply cannot live without and why?

How can we only choose 3 when all of the products are so incredible?! We literally can’t cut it down any more, so here are our top 4 products:

  • Cleansing Milk with DMS – Such a great cleanser for all skin types and it can be used with or without water.
  • Liposome Concentrate Plus – Our favourite all-rounder that’s great for all skin conditions, including acne and pigmentation.
  • EGCG Liposomes – We see so many impaired barriers in Southland and EGCG is our go-to for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes – This product is a total game changer for softer and plumper skin, not to mention how effective it is for repairing the skin barrier.


Make sure to follow Orchard Skin & Beauty on Instagram and if you would like to book in to see Natalie and her team, click through to our Clinic Finder and make an appointment!