Educational Series: Help Your Skin Survive the Silly Season!

by | 3 November 2022

It’s the silly season and we’re definitely feeling the heat of summer now! Late nights, hot sunny days, parties and alcohol can take a toll on your skin, leaving it looking dull, inflamed and “dehydrated.” We need to protect it from all of the free radical damage! In this journal, we explore the five essential points to help your skin survive the silly season. We also have our top five picks of actives that will help your skin look and feel its best when oxidative stress is high!


So, what can you do to help your skin survive the silly season?


Get Good Quality Sleep!


When it comes to your skin, you snooze, you win!

It’s no secret that sleep is essential for skin health and function because your body isn’t spending precious resources counteracting UV radiation, pollution, and other external aggressors. Sleep also helps with immunity and cell regeneration which is what gives you that bright, radiant skin. Poor quality sleep increases oxidative stress; a blocking factor that slows cell activity. Anything less than 8 hours accelerates oxidative stress and lipid-peroxidation (compounded free radical damage), so it is imperative that we get good quality sleep every night.

TIP: no matter how tired you are, commit to getting your make-up off, even if it’s just a quick double cleanse to allow your skin to breathe and recover while you sleep. Your skin will thank you!


Watch Your Alcohol Intake!


Alcohol is a diuretic, and not only does it dehydrate your body (hello, hangover), but it also dehydrates your skin too! Your body is so busy trying to process the alcohol that it diverts oxygen and nutrients away from your skin. This makes it harder to recover and causes “impaired enzyme activity” within your skin.

Enzymes are protein molecules that increase the rate at which a chemical reaction occurs in the presence of water; such as metabolism, protein synthesis, cell renewal and growth. It relies on a good supply of intracellular water content within our system to do its job correctly. When we don’t watch our alcohol intake and we become “dehydrated,” (cue: impaired enzyme activity) enzymes fail to function and this can have a negative knock-on effect on our body, as well as our skin.


Sugar Overloading!


We all know that sugar is bad news for our skin.

However, did you know that over time it creates an unflattering skin condition called, “glycation?” Glycation occurs when sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins, setting in motion a devastating chain of chemical reactions that end in the proteins binding together or cross-linking. When the body breaks down sugar, it creates an “Advanced Glycation End Product” (referred to as AGEs). AGEs is the cross-linking of proteins such as collagen and elastin, resulting in a toughened pillow-like effect within the skin! This, of course, is something that we don’t want as the damage is permanent!

We’re not going to say “ban all sugar,” but to just be more aware of how much you’re consuming during the silly season and be skincare-wise!


Up The Essential Fatty Acids!


Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential for all bodily functions. They cannot be naturally synthesised or metabolised by the body, so we require a diet that is naturally high in EFAs. EFAs consist principally of unsaturated linoleic acid (Omega 6) and alpha-linolenic (Omega 3), to form the building blocks of our body’s fats, biological cell membranes, and prostaglandins. Any deficiency of the EFAs will lead to compromised cell membranes, oxidative stress and lipid-peroxidation (free radical damage); leaving your skin looking dull and sluggish… argh, no thanks!

Make sure that your skin glows from within by increasing your Essential Fatty acid intake during the silly season!


Don’t Be A Sun Bunny!


Extrinsic ageing is caused by environmentally induced cellular damage, such as the sun.

Both the epidermis and dermis will be negatively affected by UV radiation, and wrinkles are one of the conditions associated with this form of ageing as well as pigmentation.
Research has determined that UV radiation activates a protein complex called AP-1 which produces large amounts of enzymes that cause the breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid! UV radiation accounts mainly for the changes that are characteristic of this type of ageing, although cigarette smoking, pollution, alcohol, poor nutrition and high amounts of free radicals are also contributing factors.

While lying in the sun may feel nice and/or being outdoors consistently in summer (especially over the silly season), it is important to remember that the leading cause of extrinsic cellular ageing is UV radiation! So please, be mindful of NOT being a sun bunny…


Damage Control With dermaviduals!


Here at derma aesthetics we take skin health seriously.

To keep your skin looking and feeling its best during the silly season (and all seasons for that matter), we work with ground-breaking technology that provides the platform for a skin-mimicking concept that is customisable. dermaviduals products contain only the purest of ingredients from around the world and we work with physiological liposomal and nanoparticle technology, to allow for your skin-saving active ingredients to get into the skin (rather than just remaining on the surface). This is what we require for our skin when damage control is needed during the silly season!

Before we dive into our top five liposomal and nanoparticle actives to help your skin survive the silly season, we first need to explain how these amazing delivery systems work!

A liposome or nanoparticle is a microscopic, spherical taxi vesicle or vehicle. It’s composed of naturally occurring phospholipids (oil-structured molecules) that mimic our skin’s natural barrier membrane lipids. A liposomal body has the ability to encapsulate various water-soluble actives, in order to deliver water-based ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. On the other hand, nanoparticles deliver oil-based actives into the skin. Without a physiological delivery system that mimics skin structure and function, actives will be unable to bypass the skin barrier.

Liposomes and nanoparticles not only deliver actives into the skin, but they also repair and replenish the skin’s barrier lipids at the same time!

Let’s explore the below diagram to showcase how a liposome works for example…

User-uploaded image: Screen+Shot+2021-05-21+at+10.02.34+am.png

  1. The microscopic liposome encapsulating watery actives approaches the skin’s barrier.
  2. The liposome carrying its contents fuses open the barrier lipids of the skin due to its physiological affinity.
  3. The passage of actives is released into the skin while the liposome is left behind.
  4. Once left behind, the liposome replenishes the barrier lipids to create a healthy and stronger skin barrier defence.


Nanoparticles do the exact same thing, however, they deliver oil-soluble actives into the skin.


Now that we understand how this amazing delivery system works, let’s explore our top FIVE actives to help your skin…


Complexion Skin Care Liposomes Plus

Containing the active ingredients tranexamic acid and Niacinamide B3, these actives work to support the skin by stabilising capillaries, reducing inflammation and evening out the skin’s complexion. Niacinamide B3 is essential for the formation of the skin barrier defence systems, and together with tranexamic acid, complement each other to make improvements to the skin’s structure and function.


Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes

Contains N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG) to help stimulate the internal formation of hyaluronic acid and supports the elasticity of the connective tissue. Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes also contain physiological lipids that work to replenish the permeability barrier of the skin to normalise trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).


Boswellia Nanoparticles

Frankincense extracts have anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe the skin while strengthening the skin’s barrier function and inhibiting enzymes that break down our collagen and elastin! This, in turn, improves the condition of fine lines and wrinkles.


Coenzyme Q10 Nanoparticles

Increases cellular turnover, lipid metabolism and also boosts collagen production. Coenzyme Q10 Nanoparticles are essential for the production of ATP (the energy our cells require to function) and are a potent antioxidant for scavenging harmful free radicals.


Evening Primrose Oil Nanoparticles

Is rich in gamma linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid required for skin health and function. Evening Primrose Oil Nanoparticles also regulate trans-epidermal water loss and increase skin hydration and protection via their antioxidant properties.


Have fun this silly season but take care of your skin too; your future self staring back from the mirror in the new year will thank you!


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