Revitalising care of the eyelids

  • Refreshing eye treatment
  • Supports the symptoms of dry eye syndrome
  • Great for those who wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Ideal for tired and strained eyes
  • Suitable for dry working environments
Key Ingredients

Liposomal, isotonic lotion with phosphatidylcholine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, d-panthenol and eyebright extract (Euphrasia Officinalis).


Phosphatidylcholine represents the main part of the phospholipids that occur in the natural lipid layer of the tear film. During application, the aqueous solution of lidlotion can reach the tear film and keep it moist. The pH value of the dermaviduals® Lidlotion is adjusted to the level of the tear film.


Lidlotion is sparingly applied by means of the fingertip on the upper and lower outer lash line and gently spread, avoiding contact to the inner eye.

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